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PostCSS Conic Gradient Build Status

PostCSS Conic Gradient is a PostCSS plugin that allows you to use conic gradients in your CSS files. It is based on Lea Verou’s excellent conic-gradient polyfill.

Conic gradients are awesome, but browsers haven’t realized yet. This polyfill lets you experiment with them now. If you like them, ask browser vendors to implement them!

/* before */
.hue-wheel {
    background-image: conic-gradient(redyellowlimeaquabluemagentared);
/* after */
.groovy {
    background-image: url("data:image/svg+xml,...");
    background-image: conic-gradient(redyellowlimeaquabluemagentared);


You just need to follow these three steps to use PostCSS Conic Gradient:

  1. Install Cairo.
  2. Add PostCSS to your build tool.
  3. Add PostCSS Conic Gradient as a PostCSS process.
npm install postcss-conic-gradient --save-dev


postcss([ require('postcss-conic-gradient')() ])


Install Grunt PostCSS:

npm install postcss-conic-gradient --save-dev

Enable PostCSS Conic Gradient within your Gruntfile:

    postcss: {
        options: {
            processors: [
        dist: {
            src: 'css/*.css'