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    PostCSS CLI


    npm i -D postcss postcss-cli


      postcss [input.css] [OPTIONS] [-o|--output output.css] [--watch|-w]
      postcss <input.css>... [OPTIONS] --dir <output-directory> [--watch|-w]
      postcss <input-directory> [OPTIONS] --dir <output-directory> [--watch|-w]
      postcss <input-glob-pattern> [OPTIONS] --dir <output-directory> [--watch|-w]
      postcss <input.css>... [OPTIONS] --replace
    Basic options:
      -o, --output   Output file                                            [string]
      -d, --dir      Output directory                                       [string]
      -r, --replace  Replace (overwrite) the input file                    [boolean]
      -m, --map      Create an external sourcemap
      --no-map       Disable the default inline sourcemaps
      -w, --watch    Watch files for changes and recompile as needed       [boolean]
      --verbose      Be verbose                                            [boolean]
      --env          A shortcut for setting NODE_ENV                        [string]
    Options for use without a config file:
      -u, --use      List of postcss plugins to use                          [array]
      --parser       Custom postcss parser                                  [string]
      --stringifier  Custom postcss stringifier                             [string]
      --syntax       Custom postcss syntax                                  [string]
    Options for use with --dir:
      --ext   Override the output file extension; for use with --dir        [string]
      --base  Mirror the directory structure relative to this path in the output
              directory, for use with --dir                                 [string]
    Advanced options:
      --include-dotfiles  Enable glob to match files/dirs that begin with "."
      --poll              Use polling for file watching. Can optionally pass polling
                          interval; default 100 ms
      --config            Set a custom directory to look for a config file  [string]
      --version   Show version number                                      [boolean]
      -h, --help  Show help                                                [boolean]
      postcss input.css -o output.css                       Basic usage
      postcss src/**/*.css --base src --dir build           Glob Pattern & output
      cat input.css | postcss -u autoprefixer > output.css  Piping input & output
    If no input files are passed, it reads from stdin. If neither -o, --dir, or
    --replace is passed, it writes to stdout.
    If there are multiple input files, the --dir or --replace option must be passed.
    Input files may contain globs (e.g. src/**/*.css). If you pass an input
    directory, it will process all files in the directory and any subdirectories,
    respecting the glob pattern.

    ℹ️ More details on custom parsers, stringifiers and syntaxes, can be found here.


    If you need to pass options to your plugins, or have a long plugin chain, you'll want to use a configuration file.


    module.exports = {
      parser: 'sugarss',
      plugins: [
        require('postcss-import')({ ...options }),
        require('postcss-url')({ url: 'copy', useHash: true }),

    Note that you can not set the from or to options for postcss in the config file. They are set automatically based on the CLI arguments.


    For more advanced usage, it's recommended to use a function in postcss.config.js; this gives you access to the CLI context to dynamically apply options and plugins per file

    Name Type Default Description
    env {String} 'development' process.env.NODE_ENV
    file {Object} dirname, basename, extname File
    options {Object} map, parser, syntax, stringifier PostCSS Options


    module.exports = (ctx) => ({
      parser: ctx.file.extname === '.sss' ? 'sugarss' : false,
      plugins: {
        'postcss-import': { root: ctx.file.dirname },
        cssnano: ctx.env === 'production' ? {} : false,

    ⚠️ If you want to set options via CLI, it's mandatory to reference ctx.options in postcss.config.js

    postcss input.sss -p sugarss -o output.css -m


    module.exports = (ctx) => ({
      parser: ctx.options.parser,
      plugins: {
        'postcss-import': { root: ctx.file.dirname },
        cssnano: ctx.env === 'production' ? {} : false,


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