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PostCSS Caralho Plugin Travis

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PostCSS plugin for that changes curse words after ! to !important because why not ?

.foo {
    top: 20px !fuck;
.foo {
    top: 20px !important;

You can also use:


  • caralho (fuck)
  • foda-se (fuck)
  • merda (shit)
  • desculpa (sorry)
  • putaqpariu (fuck this)
  • desisto (I quit)
  • bardamerda (This rally does not have a translation)


  • filhodaputa (son of a bitch)
  • demonio (demon)
  • satanas (satan)
  • desgraça (disgrace)
  • paunocu (stick in the ass)
  • feijoada (This rally does not have a translation)


  • fuckthis
  • fuck
  • sorry
  • shit
  • please


  • scheisse (fuck)
  • scheiße (crap)
  • verdammt (damned)
  • kacke (shit)

Persian (These google translation may be wrong)

  • jakesh (Pussy)
  • daus (Sickle)
  • antar (Ether)
  • pofuz (Poufos)
  • lanati (Damn)
  • lamasab (Lomost)

Konkani (Google cannot translate PR anyone ?)

  • chont
  • fodo
  • fodri
  • zov

Hindi (Googles translations are horrible PR anyone ?)

  • lund
  • lavda
  • choot


  • блять (fuck)
  • сука (bitch)
  • тварь (creature)
  • работай (work)
  • чезахуйня (chezahuyna?)
  • гандон (Gondon?)
  • скемнебывает (It happens to everyone)
  • упс (oops)
  • ебанина (fucker)
  • какаятоебанина (a kind of banana)


  • joder (fuck)
  • mierda (shit)
  • perdona (sorry)
  • porfavor (please)


  • merde (shit)
  • putain (fuck)
  • saloperie (fucking thing)
  • couillon (fucker)
  • con (twat)
  • foutu (fucked)
  • trouduc (asshole)
  • enfoiré (untranslatable, lit. "covered in shit")
  • bordel (used like fuck, lit. "bordello")
  • chier (to shit)
  • abruti (dulled by work)
  • crève (die)
  • enflure (untranslatable, lit. "swollen inflamation")
  • pardon (sorry)
  • stp (please)

And all of this will become important after PostCSS does his thing.

Why ?

Idk, mainly boredom and the need to write !caralho or !fuck in every stylesheet I own.

Add Words

Simply go to words.js, edit that file and create a PR, test will build automatically 🎉


Install from NPM using:

npm i postcss-caralho --save-dev

Or Yarn:

yarn add postcss-caralho --dev


postcss([ require('postcss-caralho') ])

See PostCSS docs for examples for your environment.


Use as you please to confuse people and enjoy (MIT)