Adds PostCSS support to brunch.


Adds PostCSS support to brunch


Add this package to your package.json file, then npm install.

    "postcss-brunch": "0.3.x"

Or you can npm install --save postcss-brunch.

##Add plugins

Add all plugins you want to use with PostCSS in your package.json file too. For example, here we add Autoprefixer and CSS-mqpacker.

    "postcss-brunch": "0.2.x",
    "autoprefixer": ">= 1.1",
    "css-mqpacker": "0.0.3"

Then, configure postcss-brunch in the plugins section of your brunch-config file, like so:

            processors: [
                require('autoprefixer')(['last 8 versions']),

You can add as many processors as you want. CSS will be parsed only once. See PostCSS and each plugins docs.