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Postcode Anywhere service wrapper for node.js

node postcode anywere

Postcode Anywhere Web Service node.js wrapper

npm install postcode-anywhere

So far this module only supports the bank account validation service as thats all we've needed but we're looking to add more endpoints as we need them or people send in PRs

var gateway = new Gateway( key );
gateway.bankAccountValidationInteractiveValidate( '<YOUR_ACCOUNT_NUMBER>', '<YOUR_SORT_CODE>', function(err, result) {
  console.log( 'ERR', err );
  //result is a plain js object as shown in the Postcode Anywhere docs 
  console.log( 'RESULT', result);

The only dev dependencies are coffee-script which should get installed when you run 'npm install'. The coffeescript is compiled down to javascript automatically before publishing using the 'prepublish' script in 'package.json'. coffeescript file and test files are deliberately left out of the package via '.npmignore' because no one likes needlessly big modules.

Contributions are welcome!