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    PostAPL Plugin Boilerplate

    Сreate new PostAPL plugins in a few steps:

    1. Execute the wizard script. It will ask you a few questions and fill all files with your data.

      npx postapl-plugin-boilerplate <directory>

      Call it with --npm argument, if you have yarn installed, but prefer to use npm as the package manager (by default, it will automatically decide whether to use yarn or npm):

      node postapl-plugin-boilerplate --npm <directory>

      Or use --no-install if you want to skip dependencies installation.

    2. Your plugin repository will now have a clean Git history. Create the GitHub repository and push your project there.

    3. Add your project to Travis CI.

    4. Write some code to index.js and tests to index.test.js.

    5. Execute npm test command

    6. Add input and output APL examples to

    7. Add options descriptions if your plugin has them.

    8. Fill with initial version.

    9. Release by calling npx clean-publish (this tool will remove development configs from package.json).

    10. Fork PostAPL, add your plugin to the Plugins list and send a pull request.


    npm i postapl-plugin-boilerplate

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