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a simple tcp port checker for node

NODE-PORTCHECKER A simple tcp port checker for node

LICENSE MIT (C) Daniel Zelisko

DESCRIPTION This library allows for easy and simple tcp port checking. It can be used for determining if a given port is open, or to find a first available port

INSTALLATION: npm install portchecker

API: getFirstAvailable(startPort, endPort, host, cb) returns first available port in a given range cb(port, host)

getAllOpen(startPort, endPort, host, cb) returns array of available ports for a given hosts in a given range cb(openPorts, host)

isOpen(port, host, callback) returns true if a given host:port is open cb(isOpen, port, host)

setTimeout(milisecs) configure timeout for port probing (default 400 milisecs)


//find first available port between 80 and 90 on localhost portchecker.getFirstAvailable(80, 90, 'localhost', function(p, host) { console.log(host+":"+p+" is free");});