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🐧 Controlling a plush Porg via Node.js


Make sure your hacked Porg is connected. See below for the Porg setup.

# Install globally 
npm install -g porg
porg -e 'node myScript.js'
# Use npx 
npx porg -e 'node myScript.js'

Porg Requirements

  • Electronic Disney Plush Porg
  • Arduino with Firmata firmware as described on
  • A breadboard
  • Wires
  • 220Ω resistor
  • Optocoupler (4N35)

Porg Setup

  1. Remove all the screws and fur until you get to the inside control plate Picture of disassembled Porg
  2. Solder to long wires on the control plate as shown on this picture Picture pointing at soldered wires on control plate
  3. Create a circuit as shown on the picture below: Schema of Wireup
  4. Connect Arduino to your computer


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Dominik Kundel


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