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Mary Poppins plugin for responding to new PRs with a checklist of PR guidelines in a Github comment.

poppins in action


npm install poppins-pr-checklist


To use this plugin, you need to load it in your config file with couldYouPlease:

// config.js 
module.exports = function (poppins) {
  poppins.config = { /*...*/ };
  // pr checklist 
  poppins.plugins.prChecklist.greeting = 'Hello';
  poppins.plugins.prChecklist.checks = [
    { message: 'Foo', condition: function (data) { return false; } }
  poppins.plugins.prChecklist.closing = 'Farewell';

By default, Mary Poppins will only respond with a greeting and closing. You have to configure her checks to get a list.


String to start the response with. Defaults to "Greetings.".


String to start the response with. Defaults to "Farewell.".


Array of {check} objects. Defaults to an empty array.

A {check} object has two properties:

  • message: the string that corresponds to the text of the checkbox item.
  • condition: a function that returns a representing whether or not the checkbox should be checked. It can also return a promise. The function receives one argument, data, which is a JSON object representing the PR in question. See the Github API for a description of the object.

Here's an example check:

var myCheck = {
  message: 'The PR has an odd number.',
  condition: function (data) { return data; }

Checklist Plugins

Because checks are just objects in the poppins.plugins.prChecklist.checks array, you can make a plugin that add new checks by appending to that array.

// in a new module called `poppins-my-check` 
module.exports = function (poppins) {
    message: 'This is my Custom Check', condition: function (data) { return true; }

Then you can load this module like you would any other:

// config.js: 
module.exports = function (poppins) {

It's plugins all the way down!

See poppins-check-cla and poppins-check-commit for an example.