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mary-poppins plugin for checking commit message format


A Mary Poppins plugin for checking commit message format. It was designed to enforce this commit message format, but it can be used with other conventions as well. Requires the pr-checklist plugin.

npm install poppins-check-commit

To use this plugin, you need to load it in your config file with couldYouPlease:

// config.js 
module.exports = function (poppins) {
  poppins.config = { /*...*/ };
  // pr checklist config 
  poppins.plugins.prChecklist.greeting = 'Hello';
  poppins.plugins.prChecklist.closing = 'Farewell';
  // check commit config 

Options are available on popins.plugins.checkCommit. They should be fairly self-explanatory if you read the plugin's source.

String. Defaults to "PR's commit messages follow the [commit message format]("

Function. Returns promise that resolves to a bool as to whether or not the PR follows the guidelines.

Function. Run on each commit to determine its validity.