WebSocket to AMQP bridge


A WebSocket to AMQP Bridge

To run the websocket bridge:

./bin/pontifex 'ws://localhost:8888/' 'amqp://guest:guest@localhost:5672/'

You can then issue commands:

$ wscat --connect ws://localhost:8888/
connected (press CTRL+C to quit)
> [ "post", "/redis-out/#/ws" ]
< ["ok","/redis-out/#/ws"]
> [ "get", "/ws" ]
< ["ok","/ws"]
< ["ok","Hi Dave!"]
> [ "put", "/redis-in/test", "set", "hello", "hello from websockets" ]
< ["ok","/redis-in/test"]
< ["ok","OK"]
> [ "put", "/redis-in/test", "get", "hello" ]
< ["ok","/redis-in/test"]
< ["ok","hello from websockets"]

The commands take the format of

post /exchange/key/queue    -> bind a queue to an exchange with routing key
put /exchange/key message...    -> send the message to an exchange with routing key
get /queue          -> subscribe to a queue
delete /queue           -> destroy the queue and any pending messages