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pomelo-loader - loader module for pomelo

Load codes for pomelo based on the convention over configuration rules.

pomelo-rpc could load modules in batch but not load the sub-directory recursively.

  • Tags: node.js


Module name

Module would use the filename by default. For example: load lib/a.js and the return result would be: {a: require('./lib/a')}

It would use the name if the module with a name property. For example

a.js = 'test';

the return result would be: {test: require('./lib/a')}

Module definiation

If the module exported as a function, pomelo-loader would take it as a factory method and generate a new instance of module by calling the function. And it would return the module directly for other situation.

module.exports = function(context) {
    return {}; // return some module instance 


npm install pomelo-loader


var Loader = require('pomelo-loader');
var res = Loader.load('.');
console.log('res: %j', res);


Loader.load(path, context)

Load all modules in the path. ####Parameters

  • path loaded path
  • context if the module provides a factory method, the context would be pass as a parameter as the factory method.