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Build tools to make polymer element creation easy!


  polymer-build [options] watch <root_directory> <source_directory> <build_directory> [<only_these>...]
  polymer-build [options] <source_directory> <build_directory> [<only_these>...]
  --help             Show the help
  --exclude-polymer  When building kits with polymer elements from the core
                     team, skip importing polymer itself to avoid dual init
  --copy-polymer     When going to the <build_directory> copy over polymer
                     itself to the destination. Useful for whole apps.
  --filewatch        Watch for file changes and rebuild, not just on pull.
  --compress         Make the output smaller by removing comments and source maps.
  --quiet            SSSHHH! Less logging.

Use the attribute nobrowserify on link import and scripts to get the raw javascript, no browserify. This is transitive, or really scoped, if you apply it to a link import, it counts for all the script tags inside.

TLDR: use this on elements you get from the Polymer Core team.

Use the attribute skip-vulcanization on imports to not vulcanize them.