cassandra persistence adapter for polyclay, the schema-enforcing document mapper


A cassandra persistence adapter for Polyclay.

This module relies on scamandrios for its cassandra driver.

npm install polyclay-cassandra

A quick example until more documentation is written:

var polyclay = require('polyclay'),
    CassandraAdapter = require('polyclay-cassandra'),
    scamandrios = require('scamandrios')
var testKSName = 'polyclay_unit_tests';
var modelDefinition =
        key:           'string',
        name:          'string',
        created:       'date',
        foozles:       'array',
        snozzers:      'hash',
        is_valid:      'boolean',
        count:         'number',
        floating:      'number',
        required_prop: 'string',
    optional:   [ 'computed', 'ephemeral' ],
    required:   [ 'name', 'is_valid', 'required_prop'],
    singular:   'model',
    plural:     'models'
Model = polyclay.Model.buildClass(modelDefinition);
connection = new scamandrios.Connection({
    hosts:    ['localhost:9160'],
var options =
    connection: connection,
    keyspace: 'polyclay_unit_tests',
Model.setStorage(options, CassandraAdapter);

The keyspace is available at obj.adapter.keyspace, the model column family at obj.adapter.columnFamily, and the attachments column family at obj.adapter.attachments. adapter.provision() creates keyspaces and column families if necessary. It is safe to call provision more than once; it will avoid trying to create the tables if they already exist.