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a work-in-progress hangouts bot written with hangupsjs, with a focus on variety of modules and ease of use.

It's primarily focused on groupchat-related functionality.

You can try its hosted demo on google+.

Uses chat_modules to interact with an abstraction of the hangupsjs api. Events are sent from an eventemitter in index.js.


Command Function
(jpe?g/png/gif hotlink) an inline version of the linked image
(tweet link) an inline tweet including username and tweet text
(/r/* or r/*) a link to * subreddit and a description
twitch emote responds with * emote from* responds with current thumbnail from twitch channel *
.yt * a youtube link from the * search query
.t * a phrase (*) google translated to english
.c * a mathjs compatible * expression
.wiki * a fuzzy * title of a wikipedia article
.d * an oxford dictionary definition for *
.ud * an urban dictionary definition for *
.(e)moji * searches emojipedia for an emoji named *
.(a)scii * show * ascii emote
.p * respond with * copypasta
.s * send a sticker matching * as the title. if the message is simply .s, a list of every sticker is returned
.gif ({i}) * searches giphy for a random gif pertaining to *, and sends it. ({i}) is optional, where {i} is the index of the gif [1-*]
.rainbow make the chat rainbow color
.celebration a party that simply cannot be stopped once started
.halloween a halloween celebration.
.zalgo * responds with a zalgolized version of *
.8 * makes an 8 ball decision based on the * question
.rename * renames the current chat to *
.weather * a wunderground location * which can be either a zipcode or a location name
.timer * a timer which counts down * seconds and then notifies when reaching 0
.topwords analyses up to 10,000 previous messages to generate a word count
.stats gives statistics for poly bot
.markov * generates a 10 word markov chain for the member having name *
*poly* any mention of poly will make it focus the current chat
.ref links to this page
.leave exits the (group) chat.