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Polymorphic curried list lookup for functional style JS


Javascript isn't very consistent when it comes to lists. Native list processing functions only work with arrays, not with objects. Neverhtless, objects are being used as lists as often because of their amazing ability to provide non-numerical indexes to their elements. So, every time we want to find an element in an object-based collection (say, coming from an AJAX request), we have to write almost identical loops in order to perform that operations.

Poly-find works equally well with both arrays and objects so you never have to write those annoying loops again.


  • Works with objects and arrays
  • Automatically curried


npm install poly-find


var find = require('poly-find');
var object = {
  a: 100,
  b: 200,
  c: 300,
  d: 400
var array = [100, 200, 300, 400];
function greaterThen100(number) {
  return number > 100;
// Basic find 
var result = find(greaterThen100, object);
// -> 200 
result = find(greaterThen100, array);
// -> 200 
// Pipeline-style usage 
// -> 200