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Stylus plugin for Polvo

Polvo Stylus

With this plugin, Polvo can handle Stylus source files.


You won't need to install it since it comes built in in Polvo.



Just put your .styl files in your input dirs and it will be ready for use.


There's a built in support for partials in Stylus, Polvo will handle them in a particular conventioned way.

Every file starting with _ won't be compiled alone. Instead, if some other file that doesn't start with _ imports it, it will be compiled within it.

The import tag follows the Stylus include's default syntax.

To include a partial in your stylus, just:

  1. Name your patial accordingly so it starts with _
  2. Include it in any of your styl files by using the syntax
@import "./path/to/your/_partial-name-here" 

Partials are referenced relatively.


Nib is play be default, don';'t need to import it in order to use.