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Pokespotter - Node.js library for finding Pokemon in Pokemon GO

This module allows you to easily determine the Pokemon that are around a certain location. It uses the Node.js wrapper for the Pokemon GO API.


1. Install Node Module

npm install pokespotter --save

2. Get Credentials

You need either a Google account or Pokemon Trainer Club account. Best save these as environment variables:

Variable Purpose
PGO_USERNAME Your Pokemon GO / Google username
PGO_PASSWORD Your Pokemon GO / Google password
PGO_PROVIDER 'ptc' for Pokemon Trainer Club or 'google' for Google

3. Require and initialize module

var Pokespotter = require('pokespotter')(); // add username, password, provider if necessary

Example using Google

var Pokespotter = require('pokespotter')('username@gmail.com', 'mypassword', 'google');
Pokespotter.get('Central Park, New York').then(function (pokemon) {

API Documentation

Pokespotter(username, password, provider) ⇒ Pokespotter

Initializer for Pokespotter. Credentials can be passed as arguments or stored in the ENV variables: PGO_USERNAME, PGO_PASSWORD, PGO_PROVIDER

Param Type Description
PGO_USERNAME string Your Pokemon GO / Google username
PGO_PASSWORD string Your Pokemon GO / Google password
PGO_PROVIDER string 'ptc' for Pokemon Trainer Club or 'google' for Google

Pokespotter methods

get(location, options)Promise<Pokemon[]>

Gets all the Pokemon around a certain location. The location can be latitude, longitude or an address that will be checked with Open Street Map.

Param Type Description
location string Location
options GetOptions Options to alter call behavior

getNearby(location, options)Promise<Pokemon[]>

Alias for get(location, options)


Array of all Pokemon with their Pokedex number as index.

getMapsUrl() ⇒ string

Param Type Description
center string or Location Central location of the map
pokemon Pokemon[] List of Pokemon to mark on the map
steps number The amount of steps used to search
size string Size of the map. Default 512x512



Field Type Description
longitude number Location longitude
latitude number Location latitude


Field Type Description
steps number Number of steps the API should explore in each direction from the base
requestDelay number Timeout in milliseconds before each API call. Needed for more steps.


Field Type Description
spawnPointId string Internal ID for the place a Pokemon spawned
longitude number Longitude of the current location of a Pokemon
latitude number Latitude of the current location of a Pokemon
expirationTime number UNIX timestamp in milliseconds when a Pokemon disappears
pokemonId number Official Pokedex Number
name string English name of Pokemon
distance number Distance in meters to the requested location

Shoutouts and Thanks

  • Python API work by tejado
  • Node library we based our work on by Armax
  • Pokemon Go Map code we learned from by AHAAAAAAA


The used API wrapper uses an unofficial Niantic API. They might block you for using this. Therefore it is not recommended to use this or any other API with your actual account.


  • Dominik Kundel
  • Brent Schooley



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