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Pokemon Go MITM Proxy - Intercepts the traffic between your Pokemon Go App and their servers, decodes the protocol and gives you a handy tool to enrich your own game experience by altering the data on the fly.

Take a look at the examples to get started. Feel happily invited to contribute more!

How to use it?

Setting up the server

  • Get nodejs

  • Get protobuf >= 3

    • Linux: libprotobuf must be present (apt-get install libprotobuf-dev)
    • OSX: Use homebrew to install protobuf with brew install pkg-config and brew install --devel protobuf
    • Windows: hard to compile - follow advices
  • Clone the code to experiment with the examples! (otherwise use it as a npm package)

    git clone && cd pokemon-go-mitm-node

    npm install

  • Setup the CoffeeScript interpreter (optional if using npm scripts) npm install -g coffee-script

Setting up your device

Prepare your phone to accept the MITM certificate

Using Xposed on Android

If you are using pokemon-go-xposed, set the custom endpoint to your machines IP (default port it 8082). All done!

Using iOS or Android without Xposed

  • Generate a CA MITM certificate

    • Run npm start (or coffee to generate a CA certificate
    • Download the generated certificate from the started server via http://host:8082/ca.crt (or copy the file .http-mitm-proxy/certs/ca.pem)
    • Add the certificate to the "trusted certificates" of your mobile (for "VPN and apps" on Android)
  • Setup your mobile's connection to use your machine as a proxy (default proxy port is 8081)

  • Done!


  • Android N requires a different certificate format, make sure you download http://host:8082/ca.crt to your mobile

  • To let an iPhone or iPad trust the certificate, you might have to save and email http://host:8082/ca.crt to yourself to open it in the Mail app

  • On very few systems (Raspberry Pi) the CA certificate has to be generated manually:

    openssl genrsa -out .http-mitm-proxy/keys/ca.private.key 2048
    openssl rsa -in .http-mitm-proxy/keys/ca.private.key -pubout > .http-mitm-proxy/keys/ca.public.key
    openssl req -x509 -new -nodes -key .http-mitm-proxy/keys/ca.private.key -days 1024 -out .http-mitm-proxy/certs/ca.pem -subj "/C=US/ST=Utah/L=Provo/O=PokemonCA/"
  • If you are unable to log in after installing the certificate on Android, you may have to reboot for apps to see the new CA (#208)

How to code it?

PokemonGoMITM = require './lib/pokemon-go-mitm'
server = new PokemonGoMITM port: 8081
# Replace all PokeStops with kittys! 
server.addResponseHandler "FortDetails"(data) -> = "Pokemon GO MitM PoC"
    data.description = "meow!"
    data.image_urls = [""]

What's the status?

Thanks to the awesom work done around POGOProtos, all requests and responses can be intercepted and altered on the fly by now!

  • AddFortModifier
  • AttackGym
  • CatchPokemon
  • CheckAwardedBadges
  • CheckCodenameAvailable
  • ClaimCodename
  • CollectDailyBonus
  • CollectDailyDefenderBonus
  • DiskEncounter
  • DownloadItemTemplates
  • DownloadRemoteConfigVersion
  • DownloadSettings
  • Echo
  • Encounter
  • EncounterTutorialComplete
  • EquipBadge
  • EvolvePokemon
  • FortDeployPokemon
  • FortDetails
  • FortRecallPokemon
  • FortSearch
  • GetAssetDigest
  • GetDownloadUrls
  • GetGymDetails
  • GetHatchedEggs
  • GetIncensePokemon
  • GetInventory
  • GetMapObjects
  • GetPlayer
  • GetPlayerProfile
  • GetSuggestedCodenames
  • IncenseEncounter
  • LevelUpRewards
  • NicknamePokemon
  • PlayerUpdate
  • RecycleInventoryItem
  • ReleasePokemon
  • SetAvatar
  • SetContactSettings
  • SetFavoritePokemon
  • SetPlayerTeam
  • StartGymBattle
  • UpgradePokemon
  • UseIncense
  • UseItemCapture
  • UseItemEggIncubator
  • UseItemGym
  • UseItemPotion
  • UseItemRevive
  • UseItemXpBoost

Enjoy! And heaps of thanks to everyone who contributed here and on slack!




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