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    Essential Pokémon assets for any kind of project: menu icons, fonts, data, SASS/CSS sprites and more.


    • All Pokémon menu icon sprites up to Gen 8, with their shiny version.
    • Icon sprites for items, ribbons, marks and UI symbols.
    • Sprite sheets for all sprite sets, with CSS and SASS files.
    • PkIcon React component.
    • Data of the essential metagame info (abilities, items, moves, natures, pokemon, learn sets).
    • JS Data API helper class.
    • SVG images for type symbols and other UI elements.
    • Fonts from the GBC, GBA and DS games.
    • Music of the most relevant game events.
    • Audio effects for typical game actions.

    Asset Reference

    You can check all available assets in the following reference pages.

    JSON Data

    Imagery and CSS

    For fonts and audio reference, check the /assets/ folder.

    Development Dependencies

    Apart from the package.json devDependencies, your machine (which has to be macOS or Linux) should to have the following software in order to run the maintenance scripts:

    • node 10+
    • ImageMagick 7.0+
    • pandoc 2.10+
    • ffmpeg 4.3+

    Maintenance scripts are self-explanatory by checking the Makefile. You don't need them or anything under the 'src` folder to use the assets.


    Created by @route1rodent with the help of other projects:


    This software is copyrighted and licensed under the MIT license.


    This software comes bundled with data and graphics extracted from the Pokémon series of video games. Some terminology from the Pokémon franchise is also necessarily used within the software itself. This is all the intellectual property of Nintendo, Creatures, inc., and GAME FREAK, inc. and is protected by various copyrights and trademarks.

    The authors believe that the use of this intellectual property for a fan reference is covered by fair use and that the software is significantly impaired without said property included. Any use of this copyrighted property is at your own legal risk.

    This software is not affiliated in any way with Nintendo, Pokémon or any other game company.

    A complete revision history of this software is available in Github https://github.com/itsjavi/pokemon-assets




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