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Boilerplate app to make React bootstrapping easier.

What's included:


Issue command npm run build.

Production ready bundle is stored in dist/ and can be used as-is.

Running tests

Issue command npm test. It runs test cases once and exits.

If you want to run tests in watch mode, you can either install jest globally with npm i -g jest and call it with jest --watch or do it with npm scripts with npm test -- --watch.

Component specific tests are stored in src/components/<ComponentName>/<ComponentName>.test.js and actions/reducers tests in __tests__/.


Type npm start and development server is launched to http://localhost:3000. If you want to set another port, environment variable PORT can be passed to the start script like PORT=4000 npm start.

Main index page template is located in src/templates/index.html.

All code must be located in src/.

Debug mode

You can add an environment variable DEBUG to make webpack output be more verbose.