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pnpm's shrinkwrap

Reads and writes the public (shrinkwrap.yaml) and private (node_modules/.shrinkwrap.yaml) shrinkwrap files of pnpm. Shrinkwrap files are the state files of the node_modules installed via pnpm. They are like the package-lock.json of npm or the yarn.lock of Yarn.


npm i pnpm-shrinkwrap


readWanted(pkgPath, opts) => Promise<Shrinkwrap>

Alias: read

Reads the shrinkwrap.yaml file from the root of the package.


  • pkgPath - Path - the path to the project
  • opts.ignoreIncompatible - Boolean - false by default. If true, throws an error if the shrinkwrap file format is not compatible with the current library.

readCurrent(pkgPath, opts) => Promise<Shrinkwrap>

Alias: readPrivate

Reads the shrinkwrap file from node_modules/.shrinkwrap.yaml.

existsWanted(pkgPath) => Promise<Boolean>

Returns true if a shrinkwrap.yaml exists in the root of the package.

write(pkgPath, wantedShrinkwrap, currentShrinkwrap) => Promise<void>

Writes the wanted/current shrinkwrap files. When they are empty, removes them.

writeWantedOnly(pkgPath, wantedShrinkwrap) => Promise<void>

Writes the wanted shrinkwrap file only. Sometimes it is needed just to update the wanted shrinkwrap without touching node_modules.

writeCurrentOnly(pkgPath, currentShrinkwrap) => Promise<void>

Writes the current shrinkwrap file only. Fails if there is no node_modules directory in the pkgPath.

prune(shrinkwrap, package) => Promise<Shrinkwrap>

Prunes a shrinkwrap file. Prunning means removing packages that are not referenced.