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Stream a glob list of PNG files as bitmaps.

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Given a glob match specifying a list of PNG images, this will return a readable stream that will be a Buffer of the raw pixel data. This will be a one dimensional array of RGBA values.


This module is installed via npm:

$ npm install png-file-stream

Example Usage

Takes a glob match specifying a list of PNG images, and creates an animated GIF using gifencoder.

var pngFileStream = require('png-file-stream');
var encoder = new GIFEncoder(854, 480);
  .pipe(encoder.createWriteStream({ repeat: -1, delay: 500, quality: 10 }))

You can skip the PNG to RAW Pixel Data conversion, by passing an optional "false" value through:

var pngFileStream = require('png-file-stream');
pngFileStream('test/**/frame?.png', false)