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PM2 module to help collect applications statistic and send it to Prometheus server

NEW: Starting from version 2.0.0, the plugin now supports the collection of all your Prometheus metrics from the running applications across multiple instances.


Most of applications use Prometheus monitoring server to collect statistic and then show it on Grafana dashboard. PM2 gives you a way to monitor the resource usage of your application but unfortunately most of information is available from your terminal or with PM2 Plus dashboard. To solve this isses you should use additional module to export statistic data.

Also if you use PM2-AutoScale module you want to see how many active instances of the app is currently active and how many resources it using.


This module pm2-prom-module allows you to collect all PM2 monitoring data such as CPU Usage, Memory Usage and etc for your every applications and run HTTP server inside module to collect all metrics.

PM collected statistic

  • Free memory
  • CPUs count
  • Count of running apps
  • Cound of instances for every app
  • Average using memory for every app
  • Total using memory for all instances of a app
  • Average using CPU for every app
  • Current CPU usage for every app instance
  • Restarts count for every app instance
  • Uptime for every app

Also collect all PM2 default metrics for every instance:

  • Used Heap Size
  • Heap Usage
  • Heap Size
  • Event Loop Latency p95
  • Event Loop Latency
  • Active handles
  • Active requests
  • HTTP req/min
  • HTTP P95 Latency
  • HTTP Mean Latency


pm2 install pm2-prom-module

After installation module creates HTTPS server on address http://localhost:9988/ and servers responds with Prometheus metrics


pm2 uninstall pm2-prom-module


Default settings:

  • port Connection port for Prometheus agent. (default to 9988)
  • service_name Default label for registry (default to `` - empty string)
  • debug Enable debug mode to show logs from the module (default to false)
  • aggregate_app_metrics Enable to aggregate metrics from app instances(default to true)

To modify the module config values you can use the following commands:

pm2 set pm2-prom-module:debug true
pm2 set pm2-prom-module:port 10801
pm2 set pm2-prom-module:service_name MyApp
pm2 set pm2-prom-module:aggregate_app_metrics true

How to collect your own metrics from apps

As of plugin version 2.0.0, it enables the collection of metrics from all currently running applications in PM2, presenting them in a unified output alongside other PM2 metrics.

To communicate between PM2 nodejs application and pm2-prom-moduleyou can use pm2-prom-module-client which is using process messaging bus between module and an app.

Here an example how to use it:

import client from 'prom-client';
import { initMetrics } from 'pm2-prom-module-client';

const registry = new client.Registry();
const PREFIX = `nodejs_app_`;

const metricRequestCounter = new client.Counter({
    name: `${PREFIX}request_counter`,
    help: 'Show total request count',
    registers: [registry],

// Register your prom-client Registry

// ...
app.get('/*', async (req: AppFastifyRequest, res) => {
    // ...
    // ...

Plugin automatically collect metrics from all running instances of apps and all metrics will be available on the same endpoint with pm2-prom-module. Have a look on an example below.

Also you can add any of your own labels for any of prom-client counters, but app, and instance are reserved for plugin and will be overwritten.

Since version 2.1.0 module support aggregation data for all instances by default. But you can disable it with module configuration.

pm2 set pm2-prom-module:aggregate_app_metrics false

Aggregated data from all running apps:

# HELP nodejs_app_requests_total Show total request count
# TYPE nodejs_app_requests_total counter
nodejs_app_requests_total{app="app",serviceName="MyApp"} 8
nodejs_app_requests_total{app="app2",serviceName="MyApp"} 3

Example output

# HELP pm2_free_memory Show available host free memory
# TYPE pm2_free_memory gauge
pm2_free_memory{serviceName="my-app"} 377147392

# HELP pm2_cpu_count Show available CPUs count
# TYPE pm2_cpu_count gauge
pm2_cpu_count{serviceName="my-app"} 4

# HELP pm2_available_apps Show available apps to monitor
# TYPE pm2_available_apps gauge
pm2_available_apps{serviceName="my-app"} 1

# HELP pm2_app_instances Show app instances count
# TYPE pm2_app_instances gauge
pm2_app_instances{app="app",serviceName="my-app"} 2

# HELP pm2_app_average_memory Show average using memory of an app
# TYPE pm2_app_average_memory gauge
pm2_app_average_memory{app="app",serviceName="my-app"} 60813927

# HELP pm2_app_total_memory Show total using memory of an app
# TYPE pm2_app_total_memory gauge
pm2_app_total_memory{app="app",serviceName="my-app"} 121626624

# HELP pm2_event_loop_latency_p95 Event Loop Latency p95. Unit "ms"
# TYPE pm2_event_loop_latency_p95 gauge
pm2_event_loop_latency_p95{app="app",instance="13",serviceName="my-app"} 2.55
pm2_event_loop_latency_p95{app="app",instance="14",serviceName="my-app"} 2.48

# HELP nodejs_app_requests_total Show total request count
# TYPE nodejs_app_requests_total counter
nodejs_app_requests_total{app="app",instance="13",serviceName="my-app"} 10
nodejs_app_requests_total{app="app",instance="14",serviceName="my-app"} 17

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