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Frontend components at the page level

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plus-pro-components is a page level component library based on Vue and element plus, which has the following advantages:

  • Powerful function:plus-pro-components not only provide basic UI display functions, but also have complex data operations and business logic processing capabilities, which can quickly build powerful enterprise applications.

  • Easy to use: plus-pro-components provide easy-to-use APIs and comprehensive documentation, allowing developers to quickly get started and use the components within them.

  • Highly customizable: plus-pro-components support multiple configurations and style customization, which can meet the needs of different projects.

  • Compatible with element plus: plus-pro-components are 100% compatible with components with the same name as element plus, including properties, events, methods, slots, and more.

  • Rich component library: plus-pro-components provide a large number of UI components based on element plus, including tables, forms, layout, etc., which can meet the needs of most enterprise applications.

  • Use TypeScript: plus-pro-components are fully written using TypeScript, seamlessly integrating with your TypeScript project.

  • internationalization: provide complete internationalization, connecting with the element plus system, without the need for redundant configuration.

  • Presets: plus-pro-components preset basic styles, which are in line with the element plus style. plus-pro-components preset basic behavior, with less code and more functionality.

Advanced Component List

  • [x] Table -- Finished
  • [x] Search -- Finished
  • [x] Page -- Finished
  • [x] Form -- Finished
  • [x] DialogForm -- Finished
  • [x] DrawerForm -- Finished
  • [x] Descriptions -- Finished
  • [x] Layout -- Finished

Built-in Components List

  • [x] Dialog -- Finished
  • [x] Pagination -- Finished
  • [x] Radio -- Finished
  • [x] DatePicker -- Finished
  • [x] InputTag -- Finished
  • [x] DisplayItem -- Finished
  • [x] FormItem -- Finished
  • [x] Sidebar -- Finished
  • [x] Breadcrumb -- Finished
  • [x] Header -- Finished


plus-pro-components is a Vue and element plus based component library that provides many commonly used UI and business components, making it easy for developers to quickly build front-end pages. Although plus-pro components have many advantages, they also have the following drawbacks:

  • Higher learning costs:plus-pro-components is relatively complex, and learning all components may take a long time. Therefore, for novice developers, the learning cost may be relatively high.

  • Highly customizable limited: plus-pro-components support high customizability, but it is still impossible to guarantee 100% complete customization of the components. Projects with very high customization requirements should be used with caution.

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