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This application uses angularJS

Application example web server. It is just an example, so we don't guarantee that everything works

How to install

  1. Clone the repository on your local machine
  2. Install all dependencies via npm npm install ( required)
  3. Bootstrap the application via node_modules/.bin/gulp production

or symply via npm


and bootstrap the application via gulp production

How to configure

  1. Configure Plunner's frontend with your api domain in the config.js file
  2. Plunner's frontend must be installed on the root of the virtual host

How to test locally

You can run a local web server that bootstraps the application on port 3000 by typing on your terminal gulp dev; this procedure will also fire a listener of changes so that all the sass files and the single js modules are compiled and put together as soon as you make a changes


  • In real environment you should use apache2