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A bot which allow you to do multiple moderations actions faster. It also moderate the room when no admins are here. It is open-source so you can edit it like you want.

How to use it ?

Using NPM:

npm install plugdj-nodebot
cd node_modules/plugdj-nodebot
node nodebot

Using Github:

  • The bot needs Node.js to work.
  • The bot uses PlugAPI so you'll need it before running the bot.
  • After that, you need to download the bot. The entire bot is in the nodebot.js
  • Now, open the nodebot.js file and add the name of your room (only the name without the / ), the email of the bot account and it password.
  • The bot should now be connected to your room and will detect commands starting by !

IMPORTANT: Make sure you've edited the nodebot.js to add the bot's account informations and the room name

    var ROOM = "foo"; // Room name here ( will be foo) Line 5
    "email": "email@domain.tld", // Line 1O
    "password": "password" // Line 11
    // If you have a HTTP 401 error, your user/pass is incorrect

Note: Make sure you change the role of the bot to Manager and you've restarted it after.

List of commands

  • !ban (username[,time,reason]): Ban an user. Time should only be h for an hour (60minutes), d for a day (24hours) or f forever (Long long time). Reason should only be spam/troll/abuse/offensive/badsong/badtheme/negative. Default time is Forever and default reason is Spam/Troll. (Manager to Host).
  • !commands: Show a link to this readme.
  • !link: Send the link of the current song in the chat (Current DJ or Resident DJ to Host).
  • !skip: Forceskip the song if your rank is highest than Resident DJ or if you're DJ (Current DJ or Bouncer to Host). If you're not, it start a vote to skip (None to Resident DJ).
  • !unban (username): Unban an user. (Manager to Host).

New commands are coming soon, let me know if you want another command.


This bot is under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, more informations here

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