Process CSS with ease


Process CSS with ease.

Pleeease is a Node.js application that easily process your CSS. It simplifies the use of preprocessors and combines them with best postprocessors. It helps create clean stylesheets, support older browsers and offers better maintenability. This means no more Compass for prefixes, no more rem mixins, and so on.

Pleeease.NEXT goes even further and allows you to use some of the future CSS features today. Read cautionary note.

Pleeease is based on PostCSS postprocessor and uses preprocessors Sass, LESS and Stylus.




  • Clone repository
  • Install dependencies with npm install
  • Run tests with npm test
  • There are also Gulp tasks: lint code, create standalone version, bump version

There is a lot of stuff to do: adding more unit tests, adding new postprocess tasks, etc.


MIT Vincent De Oliveira