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This plugin for Playwright helps simplify test cleanup. It does so by providing a systematic way to mark entities for deletion immediately after creation. This is particularly useful when tests involve creating complex structures, such as a bank account with an investment plan and a deposit. Without proper cleanup, attempting to delete the account may result in errors, such as a refusal due to the account not being empty. However, with playwright-cleanup, entities are deleted in the correct order, ensuring that tests clean up after themselves and do not interfere with each other. Read more here.


The easiest way to install this module as a (dev-)dependency is by using the following command:

npm install playwright-cleanup --save-dev


Import playwright-cleanup in your test file as follows:

import type { PlaywrightCleanup, DetailedLogOptions } from "playwright-cleanup";
import { playwrightCleanup } from "playwright-cleanup";

Usage in test

To use playwright-cleanup, simply import the playwright-cleanup object and types, and then extend your test object using test.extend<>(). This will include the cleanup functionality in your test. No further setup is required. Here's an example:

import base from "@playwright/test";
import type { PlaywrightCleanup, DetailedLogOptions } from "playwright-cleanup";
import { playwrightCleanup } from "playwright-cleanup";

const test = base.extend<PlaywrightCleanup & DetailedLogOptions>({
  detailedLogOptions: [false, {option: true}],
  cleanup: playwrightCleanup.cleanup,

test("should keep things tidy", async ({ page, cleanup}) => {
            // ...

            const accountId = createAccount("John Blow");
            cleanup.addCleanup(async () => await deleteAccount(accountId)); // TODO: here we mark it for deletion * 

            addInvestmentPlan(accountId, "ModRisk");

            cleanup.addCleanup(async () => await removeInvestmentPlan(accountId));
            deposit(accountId, 1000000);

            cleanup.addCleanup(async () => await removeDeposit(accountId));


        // TODO: * Please note that the actual execution of the cleanup code would take palce AFTER test completion.
        // TODO: Execution order would be removeDeposit(accountId) -> removeInvestmentPlan(accountId) -> deleteAccount(accountId).

That's all there is to it! The cleanup functionality will now be automatically included in your tests.

  • It is advisable to define the extended test object in a separate, reusable test-base file.


To get detailed terminal logs of the plugin, change the detailedLogOptions value inside test.extend() to true (without the ** **):

detailedLogOptions: [**true**, {option: true}]

Typescript support

Typescript is supported for this plugin.


For any questions or suggestions contact me at:

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