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Node-JS Google Play Music API

Written by Jamon Terrell

NOTE: As of version 2.0, all callbacks are node.js style, with the first param being an "error" if one exists. If you are upgrading from 1.x you'll need to make sure to update your callbacks as represented in the documentation

This project is not endorsed by of affiliated with Google in any way.

Seeking Help!

I'm creating a few issues for items that I'd like to have added, but haven't had time to add. If anyone wants to volunteer to submit PRs for them, or is interested in becoming a direct contributor to the project, please comment on those issues or e-mail me.



The library requires Google credentials, but does not require an All Access subscription on that account. It also requires a mobile device registered against that account. Ensure you have signed into the app on a phone and that you have played any amount of music. This will authorise the device that the library will masquerade as.

The Google account also needs to have the "Allow less secure apps" setting set to "ON". You can change it here.

How to Use


var PlayMusic = require('playmusic');
var pm = new PlayMusic();
pm.init({email: "", password: "password"}, function(err) {
    if(err) console.error(err);
    // place code here

You may also call init with a master token either extracted from an existing android device or created by calling pm.login.

var PlayMusic = require('playmusic');
var pm = new PlayMusic();
pm.init({androidId: "16 DIGIT HEX", masterToken: "oauth2rt_1/..."}, function(err) {
    if(err) console.error(err);
    // place code here

To create a master token, call pm.login. if you do not provide an androidId, one will be generated. The callback function will be given an object containing "masterToken" and "androidId". This object can be saved and passed to init on future calls.

var PlayMusic = require('playmusic');
var pm = new PlayMusic();
pm.login({email: "", password: "password", androidId: "16 DIGIT HEX"}, function(err) {
    if(err) console.error(err);
    // place code here

Retrieve list of all tracks in your library (uploaded tracks and tracks added to library from All Access)

    pm.getAllTracks(function(err, library) {
        var song =;
        pm.getStreamUrl(, function(err, streamUrl) {

Search for a song"bastille lost fire", 5, function(err, data) { // max 5 results
        var song = data.entries.sort(function(a, b) { // sort by match score
            return a.score < b.score;
        }).shift(); // take first song
        pm.getStreamUrl(song.track.nid, function(err, streamUrl) {
    }, function(message, body, err, httpResponse) {

Retrieve Playlists

    // gets all playlists
    pm.getPlayLists(function(err, data) {
    // gets all playlists, and all entries on each
    pm.getPlayListEntries(function(err, data) {

Get favorite songs

    pm.getFavorites(function(err, data) {

Retrieve the Stream URL for a song by track.storeId (All Access songs only!!!)

    pm.getStreamUrl("Thvfmp2be3c7kbp6ny4arxckz54", console.log);

Retrieve the Stream URL for a song by (uploaded songs only!!!)

    pm.getStreamUrl("84df1e4e-6b76-3147-9a78-a44becc28dc5", console.log);

Retrieve information about an album or artist (All Access Only!!!)

    // getArtist - artistId, albumList, topTrackCount, relatedArtistCount[, callback]
    pm.getArtist('Ak6zkmv2zbbsaxl63cgsnx5ttcm', true, 2, 2);
    // getAlbum - albumId, includeTracks[, success, error]
    pm.getAlbum('Bfn67zo6q3ekh35eaorkq5untmi', true);

Get Google Play Music Settings


More Examples:

npm install playmusic
var pm = new (require('playmusic'));
pm.init({email: "email", password: "password"}, function() {});
// var pm = new (require('./'))();  pm.init(JSON.parse(require('fs').readFileSync("./examples/config.json")));
// getArtist - artistId, albumList, topTrackCount, relatedArtistCount[, callback]
pm.getArtist('Ak6zkmv2zbbsaxl63cgsnx5ttcm', true, 2, 2, console.log);
// getStreamUrl for All Access - sj#track -> storeId
pm.getStreamUrl('Tsbbwp6r2wpwxb55noc6b26kwq4', console.log);
// getStreamUrl for uploaded - sj#track -> id
pm.getStreamUrl('84df1e4e-6b76-3147-9a78-a44becc28dc5', console.log);
// Find all uploaded tracks (tracks returned by getAllTracks without a storeId), get a streamUrl for one of them
var allTracks;
pm.getAllTracks(function(data) { allTracks =; });
var searchResults = allTracks.filter(function(track) { return typeof track.storeId === "undefined"; });
pm.getStreamUrl(searchResults[0].id, console.log);


  • create stations / get songs from stations/genres
  • provide better examples
  • add automated integration testing
  • improve authentication
  • explore providing a higher level api that allows easy following of relationships between objects
  • Suggestions? submit an issue!


This Source Code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file, You can obtain one at


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