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    Needs active maintainer

    plato was updated to support es6 by @devcrust, but needs an active maintainer to keep it moving forward.

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    Visualize JavaScript source complexity with plato.

    Example report on popular projects


    Install the module with: npm install -g plato


    From the commandline

    Usage : plato [options] -d <output_dir> <input files>
      -h, --help
          Display this help text.
      -q, --quiet
          Reduce output to errors only
      -v, --version
          Print the version.
      -x, --exclude : String
          File exclusion regex
      -d, --dir : String *required*
          The output directory
      -r, --recurse
          Recursively search directories
      -l, --jshint : String
          Specify a jshintrc file for JSHint linting
      -e, --eslint : String
          Specify a eslintrc file for ESLint linting
      -t, --title : String
          Title of the report
      -D, --date : String
          Time to use as the report date (seconds, > 9999999999 assumed to be ms)
      -n, --noempty
          Skips empty lines from line count


    plato -r -d report src

    Extended example

    plato -r -d report -l .jshintrc -t "My Awesome App" -x .json routes/*.js

    From scripts

    var plato = require('plato');
    var files = [
    var outputDir = './output/dir';
    // null options for this example
    var options = {
      title: 'Your title here'
    var callback = function (report){
    // once done the analysis,
    // execute this
    plato.inspect(files, outputDir, options, callback);

    Data sources


    Release History

    • 1.6.0 Support es6 by updating eslint and using fork of escomplex
    • 1.3.0 Merged 107,130,128,119,114. Numerous bug fixed.
      • Minor bumped for changes to parsing of files passed. Technically a breaking change but effectively a bug fix + feature so bumping minor.
    • 1.2.1 Bumping versions for jshint and lodash
    • 1.2.0 add ability to disable jshint
    • 1.1.0 fix issue with running casperjs tests
    • 1.0.1 fix issue with first line hashbang
    • 1.0.0 promote to 1.0.0 with bug fixes
    • 0.6.2 Added sortable file list, updated to bootstrap 3
    • 0.6.1 Fixed width overflow issues in file reports
    • 0.6.0 updated major dependency complexity-report
    • 0.5.0 Added historical reports
    • 0.4.7 Updated jshint to 1.1.0 (via #22) to jshint to address #16
    • 0.4.6 Performance improvements on file view
    • 0.4.5 Updated complexity-report to 0.7.0 to prefer the 0-100 based maintainability index
    • 0.4.4 Added quiet mode, exclusion regex, description popovers
    • 0.4.3 Updated dependencies to fix reporting issues
    • 0.4.2 Fixed overview links to files
    • 0.4.1 Fixed jshint option passing
    • 0.4.0 Added summary stats, Casper tests, nodunit tests
      • Breaking : plato api
    • 0.3.1 Added graphs
    • 0.3.0 Formatting changes, refactoring.
      • Breaking : jshint reporting api
    • 0.2.0 added jshint reporting.
      • Breaking : options api, cli api
    • 0.1.0 initial release


    Copyright (c) 2012 Jarrod Overson Licensed under the MIT license.

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