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parse lovely AST's to make module wrapping more fun.


Plast code has been copied into the example directory and the module name plast has been stripped from cmd.js for testing. Go ahead and try it.

example>> plast -g -d 1 -f index.js

This tells plast to parse the AST of myscript.js and print all the functions at a functional depth of 1 in the AST.

  • -f is mandatory
  • -d defaults to 0
  • -g tells plast to print function names
example>> echo "wrapfuncs getfuncs" | plast -w "plast" -f cmd.js

Wrap wrapfuncs and getfuncs functions with wrapper plast so that we get plast.wrapfuncs, plast.getfuncs. Output is a console log of the transformed source file.

Bonus points

example>> plast -g -d 1 -f index.js | plast -w "plast" -f cmd.js



>> npm install -g plast