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Placeholder adds support for the "placeholder" input attribute in older browsers.


  • Takes the label of form field (input.text or textarea) and uses it as that field's temporary default value.
  • Clears the temporary value when the form field is in focus
  • If the user clear the text of the field, when the user leaves the field the temporary value reappears
  • Optionally you can keep the label from being removed (check the api for more details)
  • If the field has already a default value than that value will be used, instead of the temporary label, but the label if exists will be removed.
  • When the form is submitted the temporary labels that weren't changes will be replaced with the fields original value, or empty if the field didn't have a default value.



To use the application in your project follow the instructions below:

  1. Include dist/placeholder.min.js.

  2. Add the placeholder attribute to your form elements:

     <input type="text" name="name" placeholder="Your Name" />
     <textarea name="message" placeholder="Write a message"></textarea>
  3. Instantiate the app:

     $(function () {
         placeholder = new Placeholder();


Install node.js and npm.

Running tests

Run the following from the placeholder directory.

npm install
open test/index.html

Or run the tests in a PhantomJS instance.

brew install phantomjs
grunt mocha