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Measure the size of your npm package distribution

⚡️ Try it in your npm package

$ npx pkg-size

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🙋‍♂️ Why?

  • 🔍 Size analysis Quickly determine the total size of what you're publishing to npm!
  • 🔥 Same behavior as npm pack/publish Collects publish files as specified in your package.json!
  • 🙌 Gzip & Brotli See how your files compress in addition to normal size!
  • 🤖 Node.js API Integrate size checks to your CI via Node.js API

🚀 Install

npm i pkg-size

🚦 Quick Usage

const pkgSize = require('pkg-size');

// Get package size data from current working directory
const sizeData = await pkgSize();

// Get package size data from a specific package path
const sizeData = await pkgSize('/path/to/package');

⚙️ API

type FileEntry = {
    path: string;
    mode: number;
    size: number;
    sizeGzip: number;
    sizeBrotli: number;

type PkgSizeData = {
    pkgPath: string;
    tarballSize: number;
    files: FileEntry[];

function pkgSize(pkgPath?: string): Promise<PkgSizeData>;

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