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Transfers issues from Pivotal to GitHub.


$ npm install -g pivotal-to-github

Interactive Usage

If required command-line flags are missing (see pivotal-to-gitub --help for the flags, you'll be prompted for the values - and we'll try our best to guess them):

$ pivotal-to-github
Github Token (load from ENV):
--> Using ************************************0123
GitHub repository (pivotal-to-github):
--> Using pivotal-to-github
GitHub user (yamadapc):
--> Using yamadapc
Pivotal ID: 1234
Pivotal token (load from ENV):
--> Using ****************************0123
Fetching Pivotal tickets...
--> Fetching stories...
# Goes on with progress-bar and fancy stuff


$ pivotal-to-github --pivotal-token $PIVOTAL_API_TOKEN --github-token $GITHUB_API_TOKEN --github-user yamadapc --github-repo pivotal-to-github --pivotal-id 1234


  • Imports tickets as issues
  • Closes resolved tickets
  • Adds metadata to the issues (creator, created at, labels, etc.)
  • Adds comments to the issues
  • Adds tasks to the issues


This code is published under the MIT license.


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