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An integration for Git and Pivotal Tracker, written in node. Install it with npm install -g pivotal-git

git start

git list

This lists out all the stories you have pending that you have started via git start.

git finish

git deliver

git roll [-r command] <branch> [msg]

Rolls (read merge via a squash) provided branch name into current branch commiting it with provided message.

  • : the branch to be rolled into your current branch.
  • [msg]: the message to be used for the merge commit. Optionaly can be entered via a later prompt.
  • [-r command]: run custom command in before merging. If this command exits with a code other than 0 the roll will stop.

git story find <search>

lets you search pt for stories.

All args after find are joined together with a space. This means git story find "my best friend" is the same as git story find my best friend.

Search Commands

  • Any of the PT search commands
  • mine: will only list your stories
  • curr: will only list stories that have been scheduled and have not be accepted.
  • work: combines mine and curr.


  • git story find _mine_ will list all of my stories.
  • git story find on-site will list all stoires that match "on-site".

git cleanup <branches...>

Removes both the local and remote copies of specified branch(es).

Assumes remote is 'origin'.


  • git cleanup myTopicBranch will delete the local branch myTopicBranch and the remote branch origin/myTopicBranch