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Pirate Map

An ES6 map that supports complex keys with shallow equals


$ yarn add piratemap

Why would I use this?

Because you want to use an object or array as a key in a Map.

But unless you keep a reference to the original key, you will not be able to retrieve a value.

const map = new Map()
map.set({x: 20, y: 20}, 'here be treasure')
map.get({x: 20, y: 30}) // undefined !!! 

But with PirateMap, you can do this!

const map = new PirateMap()
map.set({x: 20, y: 20}, 'here be treasure')
map.get({x: 20, y: 30}) // 'here be treasure' !!! 

How do I use it?

It has exactly the same API as the builtin Map class.