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This is the core library that is required for any Piral instance. Plugins and pre-made layouts or templates build upon this layer. While piral-core is certainly opinionated the library tries to keep most options as flexible as possible.


For details on the provided API check out the documentation at the Piral website or on GitHub.

Getting Started

Creating your own Piral app based on piral-core is as simple as installing piral-core as a dependency to your React app:

npm i piral-core

Remark: This package already includes TypeScript declarations. No need to install other packages.

You'll also need to install React and React Router, if that did not happen already:

npm i react@^18 react-dom@^18 react-router@^6 react-router-dom@^6

The piral-core package is compatible with react@>=16.8.0, react-dom@>=16.8.0, react-router@>=5.0.0, and react-router-dom@>=5.0.0.

Now you can create a new Piral instance in your code:

import { createInstance } from 'piral-core';

const App = createInstance({
  requestPilets: () => fetch('https://feed.piral.cloud/api/v1/pilet/sample'),

Remark: For all available API options make sure to check out the documentation.

Note: The feed above should only be used for demonstration purposes. Either set up your own feed (more information at piral.cloud) or your own API/mechanism to serve the modules.

Finally, you can render this Piral instance by using the render function from react-dom:

    {content => <Layout>{content}</Layout>}
), document.querySelector('#app'));

Alternatively, you can use your new Piral instance anywhere as a component.

Your Piral app can be build with any technology that you like or already use (e.g., Webpack, Parcel, ...). If you are unsure what to you use you may fall back to piral-cli, which (among other things) also contains a build mechanism that should just work 🚀.


Piral is released using the MIT license. For more information see the license file.

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