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HTTP Pipeline Surveyor

HTTP pipelining brings attractive performance improvements, but it can be a dangerous business on the open Internet.

This script demonstrates one method of checking an HTTP connection to see if pipelining is safe on a given connection. It is ONLY intended to discover problems with errant intermediaries (e.g., "transparent" proxies); it doesn't assure that the servers you contact will correctly support pipelining.

It's a work in progress. For more information, see the associated Internet-Draft.


First you'll need Node and its package manager, npm.

Then, it can be installed with npm like this:

npm install pipeline-surveyor


Just call it on the command line;


and it will report back "OK" if it thinks HTTP pipelining is usable on your current connection. If not, it will say "FAIL", followed by a description of the problem it encountered.

Running the server

The server-side can be run using node.You'll still need to have the npm package installed.


Mark Nottingham