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Create Pinterest style pins for your own files over HTTP


still in beta


npm install -g pins


Navigate to a directory and run pins to fire up a webserver to view your files, your default web browser will be opened automatically if possible

dave @ [ manilla :: (Darwin) ] ~/Desktop $ pins
[2013-09-07T21:17:22.986Z] server started: http://localhost:8087
[2013-09-07T21:17:23.231Z] GET 200 / (8ms)
[2013-09-07T21:17:23.385Z] GET 200 /background.png?private (105ms)
[2013-09-07T21:17:24.039Z] GET 200 /Screen%20Shot%202013-09-07%20at%205.16.00%20PM.png (764ms)


Multimedia (audio, video, and pictures) will show up as pins with previews. Audio album art will also be displayed if it is found.

You can reorder the pins, and the order will persist; the order is sent via POST from the browser to the node server, and is saved in the directory as .pins.json (like Mac OS X with .DS_Store). You can disable this behavior by passing in the -x option, which will disable the server from trusting data from the client.


$ pins -h
Usage: pins [-d dir] [-H host] [-p port] [-v] [-u] [-h]

  -d, --dir <dir>     the directory to serve out of, defaults to cwd
  -h, --help          print this message and exit
  -H, --host <host>   the host on which to listen, defaults to localhost
  -i, --index         show index.html/index.htm files if found, defaults to false
  -l, --limit <num>   max number of files to process in a directory, defaults to 5000
  -n, --no-open       don't open the default browser upon starting
  -p, --port <port>   the port on which to listen, defaults to 8087
  -u, --updates       check for available updates
  -v, --version       print the version number and exit
  -x, --no-reorder    disable persistent pin rearranging


  • add -c option for a JSON config file
  • add more backgrounds, allow each folder to have it's own background
  • handle loading in data as the user scrolls... right now everything crashes if a directory has a lot of media