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pinoccio api client.


Pinoccio Node.js, CLI and Browser api!

var pinoccio = require('pinoccio'); // works in browserify and server side 
// create an api instance with default options 
var api = pinoccio(logintoken);// in the browser the token may be read from a pinoccio_id cookie,{url:"/v1/troops"},function(error,data){
  if(error) return console.log('oh no. i got an error getting my troops!',error);
  console.log('troop data',data);
pinoccio help rest
pinoccio rest get v1/troops

as a node library

npm install --save pinoccio

for cli

npm install -g pinoccio

in the browser you can use the hosted version.

<script src=""></script>
 var api = pinoccioAPI();
 // use the api 

or serve the browserified (compiled) file published with the module from your own web server.