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Sweet combinators for promises/a+

Pinky Combinators

Sweet combinators for promises/a+.

Even though it uses pinky under the covers, it should be interoperable with any library implementing the promises/a+ specification.

This library assumes an ES5 environment, but can be easily supported in ES3 platforms by the use of shims. Just include es5-shim :3

var pinky = require('pinky')
var p = require('pinky-combinators')
// Sequencing operations 
p.pipeline([ read('user.json')
           , JSON.parse
           , get('data')
           , JSON.stringify
           , write('data.json') ])
 .otherwise(function(e){ throw e })
// Or function-composition style f . g 
p.compose([ splitLines, read('log.txt') ])
 .then(function(lines){ ... })
// Parallel computations 
p.all([ read('a.txt'), read('b.txt'), read('c.txt') ])
 .then( function(as)  { console.log(as.join('\n')) }
      , function(err) { throw err                  })
// First come, first served 
p.any([ request('')
      , request('') ])
 .then(function(a){ saveToDatabase(a) }, function(err){ throw err })

Just grab it from NPM:

$ npm install pinky-combinators

A quick reference of the API can be built using Calliope:

$ npm install -g calliope
$ calliope build

You can run all tests using Mocha:

$ npm test

MIT/X11. ie.: do whatever you want.