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Api client for - Australia's payment gateway

Pin.js - Node.js module for

Pin.js is an node.js API client for Pin which is an Australian payment gateway. The module has wrapped all documented Pin resources.

Down under we don't have access to some of the cooler payment gateways so we are looking forward to Pin giving us more options than just Paypal.

npm install pinjs

First instantiate pinjs by passing in your api key

var Pin = require('pinjs');
var pin = Pin.setup({
  key: 'yourkey',
  production: false
// fields is an object, see the example for more info 
pin.createCard(fields, callback)
pin.createCustomer(fields, callback)
pin.refundCharge(chargeId, fields, callback)
pin.retrieveCharge(chargeId, callback)
pin.createCharge(fields, callback)

This is the basic syntax of how to create a new charge, checkout the demos folder for the rest of the methods

var Pin = require('pinjs');
var pin = Pin.setup({
  key: 'your-api-key',
  production: false
  amount: 400,
  description: 'test charge',
  email: '',
  ip_address: '',
  card: {
    number: 5520000000000000,
    expiry_month: '05',
    expiry_year: 2013,
    cvc: 123,
    name: 'Roland Robot',
    address_line1: '42 Sevenoaks St',
    address_city: 'Lathlain',
    address_postcode: 6454,
    address_state: 'WA',
    address_country: 'AU'
}, function (response) {  

Built by the team at API Engine.