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a 'connect' like library for handling generic req/rep pairs for anything you can think of


Connect like middleware framework for handling generic req, rep pairs. When I say generic, I mean literally anything can go as req and rep. Unlike connect, this framework doesn't have any concept of http, or routing built into it. Might add some configurable routing later.

Why? Pretty much just an experiment at the moment and to scratch an itch I have. Lots of room for improvements here. If it proves useful I might do something koa like with generators etc etc.

var pinion = require('pinion');
var app = pinion();

Like connect, middleware should either take 3 args (req, res, next) in which case it will be standard handler, or 4 args (err, req, res, next) in which case it will be an error handler.

//normal middleware 
    if( === undefined) {
        return next(new Error('id missing'));
    console.log('message id:',;
    console.log('message length:', req.message.length);
//error handler 
    console.error("something bad happened", err);
    //If we want to hand off to the next error handling middleware 

This should work ok:

var req = {
    id: 1284,
    message: "here is some stuff"
var res = console.log;
app(req, res);

You should end up with some output like this:

message id: 1284
message length: 18

and this one should give us an error:

var req = {
message: "watch me fail"
var res = console.log;
app(req, res);

and the output

[Error: id missing]
  • What to do about unhandled messages/errors
  • Sort out emitters usage
  • tidy up debug usage
  • TESTS!
  • More examples

BSD 2 clause

Open issues, send PRs, ask me questions on twitter (@sandfoxuk)