Pingdom API client

pingdom-api - Pingdom API for Node.js

pingdom-api provides a simple, programmatic access to Pingdom's API and simplifies its usage somewhat.

To authenticate with the module, you must provide your pingdom credentials when initializing. You can also provide the field "accountEmail," which will allow for multi-user auth.

var pingdomApi = require('pingdom-api')({
    user: 'edit this',  // user account login 
    pass: 'edit this',  // user account password 
    appkey: 'edit this' // pingdom application key 
    //accountEmail: 'optional' // the account on which to perform the request (optional) 

All of the GET endpoints can be accessed using methods which have the following camelCase syntax:

getChecks (where Checks is the name of the endpoint reference). If there is a "." in the original reference name, it becomes camelCase. For example, getSummaryPerformance();

All endpoint methods are callback/promise compatible. To pass querystring options (per the pingdom API), simply add an object called "qs" with the necessary options. If the endpoint calls for a parameter, pass this in using the "target" field in options.


  target: 'someCheckId',
  qs: {
    limit: 10
}, function (errchecksresponse){
  console.log(err, checks);


  console.log(checks, response); 

All of the POST endpoints can be accessed using methods which follow the same syntax as the aforementioned GET methods.

Consider the example below:

var pingdom = require('pingdom-api');
var credentials = {
    user: 'updatethis', // based on your user account 
    pass: 'updatethis', // based on your user account 
    appkey: 'updatethis' // generated per app via web interface 
var api = pingdom(credentials);
api.checks(function(errchecks) {
    if(err) return console.error(err);
    console.log('received checks', checks);
    // get some results 
    api.results(function(errresults) {
        if(err) return console.error(err);
        console.log('received results', results);
    }, {
        target: checks[0].id,
        qs: { // based on 
            limit: 100

Currently the API provides access just read-only access to Pingdom's API. In case you need something else, either poke me with an issue or create a pull request.

  • rwky - Handling of irregular parts of the API
  • Kevin Moritz - Massive improvements (promise-based API, basic tests, cleanup)

pingdom-api is available under MIT. See LICENSE for more details.