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Give your system a soul by allowing people to authenticate with their crypto accounts and reduce that data into UI Pineal protocol allows people to authenticate from their multiple crypto accounts using ceramic Gives simple endpoints to resonate UI from that data into React, Svelte and WEB components


  • Collectively invest in ideas with time, money, code, connections
  • Cordinate your investments within decentralised collective development environment.
  • Manage your servers and data on them
  • Add permissions for other users to do so
  • Vote on decentralised API prefferences
  • Develop only those parts you feel you like
  • Track reputation of those you work with
  • Manage and test data flow within

UI/UX - web3ai

  1. System WWW app & site, node module, API/OS, ethereum
  2. Protocol ipld, mongo, eth, ipfs, http's, ftp, ssh
  3. Distribution textile, domains > sockets, personal blockchain's, ethereum, RTC
  4. Controllers link, acc, rect/redux states, events
  5. Site over domain, whiskers, electron, local web app
  6. Sys design linkade, events, accounts, templates, class'es, objects connector
  7. Block Navigation, logo, sockets, online, filters, main/page, events/msgs
  8. Page I/O control, Users, catalog, script, servers
  9. Element User, product, class, site, event, smart contract
  10. Price/payments Eth, bet, fiat, visa checkout, external API's, inner cur.
  • Users distribution
  • Developer - on own srv
  • Client / Investor
  • Users of client
  • Instagram/FB ones

  • Over our main servers
  • People invest over ethereum
  • Ethereum hashes makes pineal track who did where
  • Communication goes over orbit
  • Data shared over decentralised protocol
  • Anything could be accessed from anywhere
  • Users can manage external sockets
  • See what data coming I/O
  • Rdeport/vote on certain activity
  • System measueres potential of each
  • People can manage from various locations
  • Everybody can create their own centraal servers
  • Rate is measured over certain blockchains
  • Everybody can use public blockchains or run their own




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