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PinchZoom is a Javascript library providing multi-touch gestures for zooming and dragging on any DOM element.





let el = document.querySelector('#my-id');
let pz = new PinchZoom(el, options);


tapZoomFactor:      Zoom factor that a double tap zooms to. (default 2)
zoomOutFactor:      Resizes to original size when zoom factor is below this value. (default 1.3)
animationDuration:  Animation duration in milliseconds. (default 300)
maxZoom:            Maximum zoom factor. (default 4)
minZoom:            Minimum zoom factor. (default 0.5)
draggableUnzoomed:  Capture drag events even when the image isn't zoomed. (default true)
                    (using `false` allows other libs (e.g. swipe) to pick up drag events)
lockDragAxis:       Lock panning of the element to a single axis. (default false)
setOffsetsOnce:     Compute offsets (image position inside container) only once. (default false)
                    (using `true` maintains the offset on consecutive `load` and `resize`)
use2d:              Fall back to 2D transforms when idle. (default true)
                    (a truthy value will still use 3D transforms during animation)
verticalPadding:    Vertical padding to apply around the image. (default 0)
horizontalPadding:  Horizontal padding to apply around the image. (default 0)

onZoomStart:        Callback for zoomstart event (params: Pinchzoom object, Event event) (default null)
onZoomEnd:          Callback for zoomend event (params: Pinchzoom object, Event event) (default null)
onZoomUpdate:       Callback for zoomupdate event (params: Pinchzoom object, Event event) (default null)
onDragStart:        Callback for dragstart event (params: Pinchzoom object, Event event) (default null)
onDragEnd:          Callback for dragend event (params: Pinchzoom object, Event event) (default null)
onDragUpdate:       Callback for dragupdate event (params: Pinchzoom object, Event event) (default null)
onDoubleTap:        Callback for doubletap event (params: Pinchzoom object, Event event) (default null)


let pz = new PinchZoom(myElement);

pz.enable(); // Enables all gesture capturing (is enabled by default)
pz.disable(); // Disables all gesture capturing
pz.destroy(); // Unmounts the zooming container and global event listeners

Example with callback

var myElement = document.getElementById("myElement");
var pz = new PinchZoom.default(myElement, {
    draggableUnzoomed: false,
    minZoom: 1,
    onZoomStart: function(object, event){
        // Do something on zoom start
        // You can use any Pinchzoom method by calling object.method()
    onZoomEnd: function(object, event){
        // Do something on zoom end

Events (deprecated)

Events are deprecated in favour of callbacks (see above).

Pinchzoom emits custom events you can listen to:

pz_zoomstart  Started to zoom
pz_zoomend    Stopped zooming
pz_zoomupdate Zoom factor updated
pz_dragstart  Started to drag the element
pz_dragend    Stopped to drag the element
pz_dragupdate Drag position updated
pz_doubletap  Resetting the zoom with double-tap

(if need be, the event names can be customized via options)

Release a New Version

  1. Make a bump commit (update package.json, package-lock.json and src)
  2. Create a new tag git tag -m "v2.2.0" v2.2.0
  3. Release new NPM version (npm whoami; npm publish)
  4. Push the code + the tag to Github (git push origin v2.2.0)
  5. Make a new Github release (


  • If you have issues with invisible images, make sure that the image isn't absolutely positioned. In some cases that will cause trouble.


Licensed under the MIT License.

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