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Pinax Images Panel

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Pinax is a collection of Django project templates that we call starter projects as well as apps and themes. This collection can be found at http://pinaxproject.com.


The ImagePanel component is a front end ReactJS component that pairs with pinax-images.

With this component you can:

  • Upload images
  • As images are uploaded they appear in the thumbnail list
  • See a large preview with a scrollable list of small thumbnails
  • Click on a small thumbnail to change the preview
  • On the large preview you have the option to delete or set the image as primary for the set.

The intention of this front end and of pinax-images is that you can attach images as a set to an object in your site.


npm install pinax-images-panel --save


import ImagePanel from 'pinax-images-panel';
const imagePanelElement = document.getElementById('image-panel'),
if (imagePanelElement) {
  const imagesUrl = imagePanelElement.getAttribute('data-images-url');
  const imageSetId = parseInt(imagePanelElement.getAttribute('data-image-set-id'));
  const uploadUrl = imagePanelElement.getAttribute('data-upload-url');
    <ImagePanel imagesUrl={imagesUrl} initialUploadUrl={uploadUrl} initialImageSetId={imageSetId} />, imagePanelElement


The pinax-images-panel documentation is currently under construction. If you would like to help us write documentation, please join our Pinax Project Slack team and let us know! The Pinax documentation is available at http://pinaxproject.com/pinax/.


See this blog post including a video, or our How to Contribute section for an overview on how contributing to Pinax works. For concrete contribution ideas, please see our Ways to Contribute/What We Need Help With section.

In case of any questions we recommend you join our Pinax Slack team and ping us there instead of creating an issue on GitHub. Creating issues on GitHub is of course also valid but we are usually able to help you faster if you ping us in Slack.

We also highly recommend reading our Open Source and Self-Care blog post.

Code of Conduct

In order to foster a kind, inclusive, and harassment-free community, the Pinax Project has a code of conduct, which can be found here http://pinaxproject.com/pinax/code_of_conduct/. We ask you to treat everyone as a smart human programmer that shares an interest in Python, Django, and Pinax with you.

Pinax Project Blog and Twitter

For updates and news regarding the Pinax Project, please follow us on Twitter at @pinaxproject and check out our blog http://blog.pinaxproject.com.


npm i pinax-images-panel

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