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Plugin for displaying system and process information such as CPU and Memory usage for pimatic setups on Linux and Windows. MacOS should also work, but has not been tested.

The plugin is based on the systeminformation project developed by Sebastian Hildebrandt which realizes a lightweight abstraction layer for the acquisition of system information on various operating systems.

Supported values:

  • CPU usage (percent): "cpu"
  • Memory active usage (bytes): "memoryUsed"
  • Memory active usage (percent): "memoryUsedPercent"
  • Memory free, including cache & buffers (bytes): "memoryFree"
  • Memory free, including cache & buffers (percent): "memoryFreePercent"
  • Disk usage (percent) for a single mount point: "diskUsage"
  • Number of processes: "processes"
  • System temperature (Celsius ℃): "temperature"
  • System temperature (Fahrenheit ℉): "temperatureF"
  • System uptime in seconds: "systemUptime"
  • WiFi received signal level (dBm): wifiSignalLevel
  • Network interface throughput received (bps): nwThroughputReceived
  • Network interface throughput sent (bps): nwThroughputSent
  • Pimatic SQLite database size (bytes): "dbSize"
  • Pimatic process RSS memory (bytes): "pimaticRss"
  • Pimatic process used heap memory (bytes): "pimaticHeapUsed"
  • Pimatic process total heap memory (bytes): "pimaticHeapTotal"
  • Pimatic process uptime (seconds): "pimaticUptime"


  • Database size is only applicable if builtin SQLite database is being used
  • RSS is the amount of space occupied in the main memory device (that is a subset of the total allocated memory) for the process, which includes the heap, code segment and stack
  • The attribute wifiSignalLevel is currently only supported on Linux
  • The spelling for some attributes has been changed in release 0.9.5. The device configuration setup for earlier releases will be transformed automatically. However, you may need to update references in rule and variable definitions. See table below.
  • Version 0.9.5 provided different values for memory usage than earlier versions of the plugin. The value for "memoryUsed" also included reclaimable cache and buffer space while earlier versions only measured the active memory usage. Since Version 0.9.6 this has been changed back to monitoring active and available (total - active) memory.
old new
diskusage diskUsagePercent
dbsize dbSize
uptime systemUptime
memory memoryUsed
memoryRss pimaticRss
heapUsed pimaticHeapUsed
heapTotal pimaticHeapTotal

Plugin Configuration

  "plugin": "sysinfo"

Device Configuration


  "class": "SystemSensor",
  "id": "system-info",
  "name": "System",
  "attributes": [
      "name": "cpu"
      "name": "memoryUsed"
      "name": "diskUsagePercent",
      "path": "/"
  "class": "SystemSensor",
  "id": "system-temp",
  "name": "System Temp.",
  "attributes": [
      "name": "temperature",
      "interval": 5000

Trouble Shooting

  • The value for temperature is -1

    On Windows, admin privileges are required in some setups to query the temperature with the underlying wmic tool. If you're running on Linux, please report an issue with the Linux distribution, version and hardware used.

  • I would like to display the uptime in a human readable format

    You can set the displayFormat xAttributeOption for attribute systemUptime or pimaticUptime to the value uptime.


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