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pimatic pilight plugin

Deprecated notice

master branch Works with pilight v7, but is only tested with switches.

pilight5 branch Fully support for the (outdated) pilight v5.

We are looking for a new maintainer for the plugin, because the homeduino plugin replaced most of pilights functionality and we will put our effort into this new standalone solution.


Plugin for the integration of pilight to control 433Mhz switches and dimmers and get informations from 433Mhz weather stations. See the project page for a list of supported devices. The pilight-daemon must be running to use this plugin.


You can load the backend by editing your config.json to include:

   "plugin": "pilight"

in the plugins section. For all configuration options see pilight-config-schema

Devices are automatically added from the pilight-daemon config, when the connection is established.

If you are using pilight 3.0 or later turn ssdp on to auto detect ip and port:

   "plugin": "pilight",
   "ssdp": true


Thanks to thexperiments for adding SSDP support.